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Reasons underpinning the selection of expedited shipping, as the optimal method for fast and secure transport, are as diverse as our clientele:

  • Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) situation where a vital component was rendered non-operational at Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International, necessitating a prompt delivery of a crucial replacement part.

  • A Texas oil refinery grapples with a pressure valve failure, with the sole available replacement situated in Ontario, requiring a delivery in under 24 hours.

  • A mining operation in northern Wisconsin faces a critical shortage of wear replacement parts, posing a threat of operational shutdown, and demands immediate shipment.

  • A key component supplier to a major automotive manufacturer lags behind production and requires an immediate shipment of all available inventory.

In addition to a fast delivery, our clientele demands specialized care and handling, without any transfers or unnecessary manipulation:

  • A babbitt bearing for a large turbine at a power plant in northern Quebec mandates transportation at temperatures above zero throughout the overnight mid-winter trip.

  • high-end custom architectural millwork shipped to Google headquarters in Manhattan requires a premium white-glove transfer to avoid any surface scuffing.

  • Delicate process automation tooling, integrated with robotics, necessitates specialized strapping and measures to prevent vibrations during transport

  • The transfer of medical and analytical samples, subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and specific requisites, mandates meticulous adherence.

Your client is facing an unexpected production downtime, and relies on your expertise to mitigate the consequences which could result in significant financial losses.  Recognizing the critical nature of these circumstances, it is imperative to engage a specialized carrier capable of consistently achieving expedited delivery timelines, often surpassing conventional air-shipping methods. Timely delivery of the essential part or product is paramount, as any delay has the potential to irrevocably tarnish your company's reputation and compromise future business opportunities.

If any of the scenarios above resonate with your current situation, call us.

Upon placement of your order, or at a time specified by you, a designated driver will be dispatched to pick up your shipment. The assigned vehicle and driver are exclusively committed to your shipment, ensuring a direct and uninterrupted trip to its destination.

For shipments bound for the United States, our office will process your customs paperwork, submit it to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and liaise with your designated broker to facilitate the seamless clearance of the load for crossing. Equally thorough process is undertaken for shipments to be imported into Canada.

We will maintain ongoing communication with the driver, the consignee, and you, the shipper, throughout the entire duration of the delivery process. Once completed, we will obtain a signed copy of the delivery slip and upon request, provide you with a photo confirming the successful unloading of the shipment.

Is your current carrier genuinely committed to meeting the standards outlined above?

This guide is dedicated to addressing critical inquiries regarding the speed, cost, and value proposition of expedited delivery services.  Several alternatives to expedited delivery services exist, each catering to different priorities and budget considerations.  So have a look below and explore the details to make an informed decision for your upcoming shipment.

What are the key characteristics?

What is expedited delivery?

Expedited delivery refers to a shipping service that prioritizes the swift transportation of goods, packages, or cargo to their destination within an accelerated timeframe. This type of service is designed for shipments that require faster delivery than standard shipping options. Expedited delivery is often chosen when time-sensitive or urgent delivery is crucial, and it offers a more rapid and dedicated transportation process compared to regular shipping services.

  1. Faster Transit Times

  2. Dedicated White-Glove Handling

  3. Priority Processing

  4. Real-Time Tracking

  5. Customized Solutions

  6. 24/7 Support

How are you able to deliver faster?

The latest generation of delivery vans, particularly the purpose-built Sprinters, are characterized by efficient engines that significantly extend the distance between refueling, enhancing overall fuel economy. These vans also boast meticulous ergonomic design, effectively reducing driver fatigue and minimizing the risk of body aches and fatigue associated with extended periods on the road.

Notably, these delivery vans are registered in a category that exempts them from the majority of weigh stations and similar restrictions imposed on larger commercial vehicles.

Where do you deliver to?

Ontdel Ltd. is well-equipped to meet the diverse logistical needs of our clients, regardless of the geographical challenges posed by their delivery destinations. We have the capability to pick up from and deliver to any location within continental North America. Our reach extends to metropolitan city centers such as central Manhattan, NY, and spans the continent, reaching from the border town of Laredo, TX, to the beachfronts of Miami, FL, to the frozen mines of north Wisconsin We have navigated the deserts of Utah, circumvented Lake Superior to reach Thunder Bay, and even facilitated deliveries to Newfoundland via ocean ferry.

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