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Unlike so many in this industry, our business is founded on, and strictly adheres to, legal practices in every aspect. We ensure proper permits and licensing in every Canadian and US jurisdiction we operate in. Our commitment extends to interjurisdictional registration, comprehensive insurance, bonds, and liability coverage. This extends beyond our vehicles and drivers and encompasses the cargo we carry and the personnel responsible for handling it on and off your property. We practice Workers' Safety Insurance Board compliance and exceed all commercial vehicle safety requirements.

Furthermore, we DO NOT subscribe to the emerging practice of kickbacks and other ilicit financial bribes and 'benefits' often offered by corrupt carriers to influence those overseeing shipping and logistics procurement.

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Brantford Ontario Canada delivery Sprinter van rush expedite same day Toronto

We Fit Anywhere.

A crucial element of a successful delivery is the ability to, well, fit in there. Numerous consignee locations in metropolitan areas impose restrictions on large trucks and have limited accessibility.

We Represent You.

The truck delivering your goods and the driver at its helm serve as the ambassadors of your company. Choose wisely those that represent you.

We Offer Choice.

Advantage Vinyl decals all our vehicles. Short and extended regular cargo vans, 14' and 16' Sprinter vans, cube straight trucks, we offer a diverse fleet to transport most loads you may have.

NYC NYPD Sprinter hotshot rush delivery_edited_edited.jpg

We Have Access.

Access is facilitated through proper accreditations and permits. With decades of experience and established relationships, these credentials unlock opportunities that may otherwise remain inaccessible to others

We Have The Ability.

Ability to communicate. Effective crisis management. The ability to bring all tasks to successful completion. A testament to our adaptability, resilience, and dedication.

We Know No Limitations.

Our inherent desire to go further and explore new horizons. To expand our reach and to connect with a broader clientele in unexplored territories and remote regions.

We Strive To Be Kind.

Our commitment goes beyond transactions; it's a pledge to foster genuine connections and leave a positive imprint on every interaction.

We Keep Learning.

 Knowledge is the catalyst for innovation and progress. In a dynamic world, the pursuit of knowledge is an endless journey, and we thrive on the continuous evolution it brings.

We Navigate.

Our guiding ethos centers on navigating the intricate pathways of this ever-changing world. We embrace the challenges and opportunities that arise, steering our course with resilience, adaptability, and pursuit of excellence.

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We Go. In Any Conditions.

With a focus on safety protocols, advanced technology, and experienced drivers, we guarantee the secure and timely delivery of your cargo even in the most adverse weather conditions.

We Do It Safely.

Safety is a fundamental value that permeates every aspect of our operations. We aim at safeguarding both our clients, our dedicated drivers, and the cargo they carry.

We Arrive On Time.

The Barclays Center Brooklyn Atlantic MTA Terminal job site posed challenges with noise and delivery time constraints. We promise adherence to your schedule, delivering precisely when needed.

Thunder Bay Timmins SudburyMoosonee Hames Bay Kaschechewan Fort Albany delivery expedite c
Maritime Tadoussac Baie-Sainte-Catherine ferry Saguenay Rimouski Quebec delivery transport
Galveston Texas delivery expedite rush cargo transport freight LTL van_edited.jpg

Where The Road Ends.

Seamless collaboration with air partners enables us to provide swift and reliable transportation services to areas that are not accessible by road.

Where The Ocean Begins.

Maritime Tadoussac Baie-Sainte-Catherine ferry Saguenay Rimouski, Quebec, Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island, or the Marine Atlantic ferry to Newfoundland - there is always a way!

Until The Butter Melts.

We've been to the eastern-most shores of Atlantic Canada, far into the north of Ontario, delivered to the Pacific coast of Washington State, but the favourite will always be the south, and the warmth of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Border to Mexico Texas El Paso Laredo expedite delivery cargo canada to USA transport LTL_

Northeast And Beyond.

Our comprehensive array of accreditations and permits positions us as a trusted facilitator for the seamless cross-border movement of import and export goods between Canada and the USA.


While we proudly extend our services across North America, our roots remain deeply embedded in Southern Ontario, where our journey began. We cherish our commitment to our local clientele, valuing the relationships cultivated in our home region.


We continue to successfully deliver shipments to all continental states of the USA, as well as transport goods from the US back to Canada.  We would be pleased to offer information and a quote on your upcoming expedited shipment.

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